Jubal's Ideas for SoaW

Started by Jubal, May 26, 2018, 07:39:37 PM

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Quote from: Jubal on September 07, 2018, 12:35:24 PM
My other thought is that visually, keeping all the gold in the colour scheme IMO makes her still look a bit too much like a castle guard captain.

I was planning that to be an "elite" castle guard unit. So, she really is a well trained captain. She has 200 HP and 6 speed too. Beside this NPC, I might add some special challenge room where you fight a couple of those.

QuoteI wonder if silver armour might work better?

Actually, that was the first thing I tried. The problem is that the quest is in the catacombs where everything is grey and silver already, so it didn't look too good. Then I tried different colors. A green-ish variant also looks nice, but somehow doesn't feel like an elite warrior.

QuoteI've also been trying to game through even more character ideas in my head lately (trying to work out how one could do a bard, especially)

Mmmm, interesting.

BTW, I'm almost done with the set of changes I planned for the next release, so I will soon have a new version uploaded to the Steam beta branch.