Author Topic: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Dev Blog 31/05/18. Recruitment system  (Read 4624 times)


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Just wanted to air this in case anyone hadn't seen it

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Dev Blog 31/05/18. Recruitment system

I really like the sound of having specific people that you need to approach to gain troops, and that they wont always just be entry level townsfolk.

It sounds like a vast improvement on what - to my mind - were the 2 approaches in warband:

Approach 1: Have killy people.
Step 1: Go to towns
Step 2: Get lots of cannon fodder
Step 3: Ensure my army lineup is mostly cannon fodder
Step 4: Start (and hopefully win) fight
Step 5: Is my army now full of awesome people? y: hooray! n: Go to step 6.
Step 6: Is my army too small? y: Go to step 1. n: Go to step 3

Approach 2: Rescuing / capturing.

Basically the same as above except start with a club, and bash other people with clubs on the head

That log also mentions that all the lords recruit from the same recruitment pools. That should make it more realistic, but a slight concern I have with that is that warband had a lot of battles going on all the time.
It may mean you have to get inventive with where you recruit from. For example if there is a lengthy war going on and all the troop vendors are constantly low because lords are using them all the time maybe you can travel further afield to more peaceable lands where there is more of an abundance of troops.
I wonder if they will leave in the option of doing some sort of pressgang / conscription to corall pezzies into your ranks - like what would have happened historically when the population ran out of the best candidates for soldiery.

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