Author Topic: 7-zip - FREE file packer/unpacker  (Read 6436 times)


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7-zip - FREE file packer/unpacker
« on: June 27, 2009, 05:19:32 AM »
7-zip - Download

7-zip is a wonderful little tool that is essential to anyone who wants to play a mod or make a mod. It is a FREE file packer/unpacker for compressed files.
I highly recommend you download 7-zip and use it over win-rar or any other program as 7-zip is faster and supports more formats.

Supported formats:

    * Packing / unpacking: .7z, .ZIP, .GZIP, .BZIP2 and .TAR
    * Unpacking only: .ARJ, .CAB, .CHM, .CPIO, .DEB, .DMG, .HFS, .ISO, .LZH, .LZMA, .MSI, .NSIS, .RAR, .RPM, .UDF, .WIM, .XAR and .Z.
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Re: 7-zip - FREE file packer/unpacker
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