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Welcome to Pangolin Games
« on: February 04, 2017, 07:18:05 PM »
Hullo there!

I've made this forum to pull together all my standalone game dev projects and keep the forums a bit less cluttered with them.

About me:
I'm Jubal, I'm a medieval historian from the UK, and a game developer and modder in my spare time. My modding credits include being the lead designer on Warhammer: Total War, Narnia TW, Mount & Blade: Southern Realms, and several other projects. Here you can find some little game standalone projects I've put together, under the banner of "Pangolin Games" (Pangolins tend to end up happening in my vicinity, roll with it!)

Complete Projects:
LIFE - a Doctor Who adventure game where you can scoot between planets, gamble, solve puzzles, and interact with aliens on your way to trying to wreak revenge against the Dalek empire!

Current Projects:
The Exile Princes - a lowish-graphics RPG with strategic elements in which you quest around a world built from the mad margins of medieval manuscripts, attempting to bring the land's various cities under the command of your house.
Adventures of Soros - a text-and-low-graphics RPG set in a classic fantasy setting of my own devising. Available in beta; currently on hold whilst I finish making other games.

Old projects:
Raiders and Traders - an online city-builder made with JavaScript/MySQL/PHP. Doesn't work in most modern browsers.

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