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Warcraft III: World of Infinitas Release!
« on: December 19, 2020, 12:57:15 PM »
BagaturKhan's Warcraft III World of Infinitas Mod/Maps Released!

In a new release on Exilian we have details on, and a new Warcraft III realization of, the sci-fi universe by Alexander Krokhmal (BagaturKhan). This feature a range of battle and skirmish maps, and the chance to fight with a variety of alien enemies in different planets. The main backdrop is the futuristic Achaeronian War, a terrible intergalactic conflict in the 2590s AD, but the huge long-term setting and mod also includes the situation in the galaxy 20000 years earlier.

There are three main maps included. The first is Kurosagi-Prime, a cold and unfriendly planet in the Kurosagi star system. This land is under control of the mighty Farruh Empire, and now you must help them against the Achaeron League. You can play against 2 other players in multiplayer or single player for this scenario. Second is the Folkirk-III campaign map pack, the mission pack about the situation in 2595 AD. This covers a dangerous period for the whole Coalition in 2595, when you need to defeat the Achaeron League with a range of methods in a variety of scenarios. You will take part in defensive and assault missions, as well as a special extraction mission - helping battle captain get out from a perilous situation and save the lives of his warriors. The Folkirk III pack has almost 10 quality and large-scale maps. Third and last but not least, there is Infinitas Elite Map pack. Here is the list of more skirmish maps, then missions, but its interesting too. You will see the cold plains of Zakromah, desolations of Achaeron-Prime, oceans of Nargon, green pastures of Zaberghan and also many other interesting things from the universe of A.Krokhmal.

Gameplay information
Neutral Enemies: Agressive
Artefacts: All types
Gameplay level and conditions: Hard

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