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Middle-Earth: Fall of Barad-Dur
« on: March 17, 2021, 09:18:52 AM »
Middle-Earth: Fall of Barad-Dur

Here you are the reworked version of legendary Middle-Earth TW, updated by the famous and respected community from Russia - Imperial Community. This project was created by the good mod team of truly masters (Chamber of Records, as i know). They added a lot of new content, realized the full universe of proffessor Tolkin and introduced us a new quality map of the Middle-Earth. But unfortunately, they left a project and stopped the development. Project was in the alpha stage till nowadays. But for now times are changing.To be fair, the idea of Middle-Earth TW continuation came to me in the beginning of 2016. But i started to work with it only last year. Don`t know why, but better late then never. I worked on it with help of my good friends from the Imperial community. And now i can introduce for you the workable and stable version of this old and creative mod.

 For now its have a new name - Fall of Barad-Dur.Of course, this version contains some great innovations besides the original mod files. We also agreed on this with my good friend Haktar, main admin of the Imperial community, and with other respected modders too. So now you can see something more interesting and cool. This is new Middle-Earth! You didn`t see something like this before. This mod have similar style to the famous game - Battle for Middle-Earth II. You will understand it, when you start the campaign.

Changes in the Fall of Barad-Dur mod version:

- Added full content from the original Middle-Earth TW 1.0, developed by Chamber of Recoreds.
- All units from METW available in campaign and fully working, AOR system was reworked
- Added vast amount of new units for all factions (with new quality 3d-models from my good friend VIR, and textures reworked by me)
- Added special portraits for the Elven Kingdoms faction (by me, BagaturKhan)
- Added skies, nature and water from the Roma Surrectum II mod
- Added a full special music pack from BagaturKhan (i.e. from me), tracks are from Hobbit movies and Lord of the Rings.
- Added a lot of new loadscreens from Peter Jacksons LOTR movies.
- A lot of work was made with buildings system of factions
- A lot of work was made with mod UI things (again by me)
- Added Eriador transform to Arnor and culture for this is Dunedain
- Added special religions and beliefs for factions (Morgoth shrines, Orome sacred grooves, temples of Varda and etc.)
- Fixed all bugs, which the "show_err" has found in original mod
- Added a lot of gameplay and balance changes for all factions
- New playable faction - Restored Angmar (Morghrumbahr)
- More agressive atmosphere in the main Fall of Barad-Dur campaign (War with Evil in the start!)
- Some heroes from the Middle-Earth world (Boromir, Faramir for ex)
- Other improvements in all things.

Mod factions for now:

- Kingdoms of West Alliance
- Elven Kingdoms
- Empire of Mordor
- Isengard State
- Gundabad State
- Empire of Harad
- Eriador Alliance
- Easterling Kingdoms
- Rhovanion Kingdoms
- Alliance of Dale and Erebor
- Restored Kingdom of Angmar

- Free Rohirrim
- Independent States

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download links:

Installation is very simple. Just put METW folder to your BI folder. Then create a shortcut from Rometw-bi.exe and write in Object -mod:bi/metw -show_err. After that you can start the shortcut and have a lot of fun.

Help information:
- This mod still have no new building models in the real-time, so if you want to help with it, feel free to write about it.


Credits list:
- Middle-Earth TW team (of course!)
- Vladimer
- TWcenter free packs
- KLA packs
- AQD mod
- MilnerTW packs
- Imperial community
- VIR (Rus TW)

If you have some other questions, feel free to contact me in my email or write me here.


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Re: Middle-Earth: Fall of Barad-Dur
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2021, 08:33:23 AM »
Mod is still working in development. So wait a bit, and you will see new versions, maybe with Steam compatible.
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Re: Middle-Earth: Fall of Barad-Dur
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2021, 07:44:34 PM »

Have a plans about the newest version.

- Improvement of UI content, introduction of new icons, info cards for buildings.
- New architecture
- New faction - Khand.
- Additional campaign of the Angmarim War.