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« on: July 03, 2021, 01:20:53 PM »
Anyone else playing this? It's really really good: a turn based party RPG with strong storytelling, a really nice art style, procedurally generated but editable characters, and a really fun legacy character system so you end up building up a richer and richer mythos around particular heroes. I'm enjoying it hugely.

To give you an idea, my characters so far include:
  • Rivbaron Arcum, a ranger, loremaster and master archer with literal giant crow wings.
  • Gonbrek Van Duncan, leader of the adventuring party Van Duncan's Shields, who had a very cute same-sex marriage to the party ranger and also made a deal with a mystical giant tortoise to become part of an immortal guardian order upon his death.
  • Worwae Firglass, another member of Van Duncan's party who was the only person to run through that whole campaign, and also started a family such that by the late game half the party were Firglasses and I was running around with three generations of her line. She had a lightning arm gained from a random event and took down the final boss of the campaign, aged ninety, by repeatedly blasting electricity into it.
  • Erwenna Sybarien, who has a pet golden rabbit which used to be a magic sword before she adopted it.

The combat is fun too, and the enemy range is good: there's five main enemy types, the Gorgons (corrupted wildlife, a bit lovecraftian), the Drauven (bird-lizard-kobold-types), the Morthagi (magical fantasy horror skull robots), the Deepists (weird underground awakened cult types), and the Thrixl (insectoidish weirdnesses from a parallel world of dreams). Each faction has its own story campaign, and you can also have generic campaigns as well. All enemy types have huge ranges of units, and develop with new units emerging during the campaign. Also it all works in multiplayer!
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