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What to Post Here/Guidelines
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:59:43 PM »
Posting Guidelines Thread

Here are some guidelines for what makes a story suitable for posting here:
  • It should not be a fully traditional story in a form easily available elsewhere (your own modifications of traditional stories are fine). Whilst a huge amount of good storytelling is based on folk tales, we can't reasonably collect the myths of the whole planet here!
  • An exception would be if you're posting a traditional tale but with significant annotations and ideas for how to tell it - though if you're doing a "how to tell X" thread that would be better in the main spoken storytelling section rather than this story bank.
  • It should be of a form that is good for storytelling, if not explicitly designed for it. Ideally you should have told it or heard someone tell it to confirm this.
  • In general, avoid personal or historical anecdotes here unless they have been specifically heavily doctored for telling. The anecdotal/personal storytelling tradition is an interesting one and totally valid for discussion here, but it's also by its nature personal: other people aren't likely to tell your personal anecdotes.
  • Stories with punchlines are alright, but this isn't really a joke-sharing forum; extended punchline jokes probably aren't best placed here.

And some notes on how to post:
  • Obviously, include the full story, roughly as you would say it though this doesn't have to be exact. Don't worry about neatening the prose too much - the aim is to get the story down, not the exact wording (unless the story relies on a pun or refrain).
  • A bulleted summary for tellers may be useful, and would be good to include.
  • Please do include some telling notes with your story - for example, whether you include any sound effects when telling it, any particular visual aids you used or found useful, any more difficult areas or bits to emphasise, etc.
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