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Exilian Articles: Bursary Scheme Launch!
« on: February 04, 2023, 12:32:40 AM »
Exilian Articles - New Bursary Scheme

As of today, we're announcing a new scheme for Exilian Articles: for the first time, we're introducing the possibility to apply for small writing bursaries, to help provide a little bit of additional support for article writers and especially those who have financial or other barriers to writing for us. As of today, potential writers can apply for £25 or £40 (GBP) as awards when pitching an article, and we'll support selected pitches accordingly as well as of course providing our usual support for formatting, high-quality editing, feedback and promotion. You can find the updated article pitching guidelines here.

We're aware that these awards generally won't cover the full costs of a writer's time: Exilian has always been dedicated to a voluntary, communal sharing of information, creativity, and ideas, and these bursaries are there to provide thanks and support as well as a small organisation with no permanent income or staff can, rather than to change that basis for how we work. Nonetheless, we're excited to be able to get this scheme running, and we hope that it'll be a meaningful way to improve the balance of articles and voices that we're able to host.

Of course, this system will only be possible in the medium term if Exilian is better supported financially: we've always run on a low income, low outputs basis with a handful of members giving the vast majority of our income, and we'll need to increase that to keep this system running and potentially expand it in future. If you're reading this and you can afford to support the bursary scheme and the running of this site as a whole, we'd hugely appreciate your support.

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