Author Topic: CMW3: Fireside Chat with Tanya Short  (Read 3571 times)


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CMW3: Fireside Chat with Tanya Short
« on: April 02, 2023, 12:02:38 AM »
This was a really great discussion, I thought - I was initially nervous about doing this as a fireside chat rather than a conventional keynote, but it worked out really well and I'm sort of considering leaning into this format more in future. I came across Tanya a year or so earlier when helping put her in touch with a consultant, and I'm super excited for their Byzantine-fantasy game when it comes out, I am very much going to be the target audience (and I've liked all of Kitfox's other work I've come across, though I'm yet to play several of their titles - I actually have most hours on Shattered Planet of any of their games, I have whiled away much time thereupon). Anyway, the below is worth a listen and has some very good thoughts on game development, running teams, developing themes & ideas, and more besides. Awesome interviewing job by Tess too.

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