Author Topic: CMW3: Representing Medieval Space Panel  (Read 3587 times)


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CMW3: Representing Medieval Space Panel
« on: April 02, 2023, 12:05:39 AM »
I really enjoyed this panel! It was a pure-historians discussion rather than mixed, but I think we still got a really good range of perspectives by having an environmental historian, art/architecture historian and archaeologist on the panel. All the talks have some really good highlights, Acer's discussion of mapping realism was interesting, Madeleine's visual work is super striking (especially her thing on columns breaking the way particular Greek columns break even when it makes no sense, because Aesthetics), and I think Maria's point on moving life outside the immediate village environs is fantastic and one I want to explore more in my games (I did a bit with this in Fenlander, but that's a very small project).

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, comments and thoughts below welcome...

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