Author Topic: Devil With A Heart Of Iron Chords  (Read 3455 times)


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Devil With A Heart Of Iron Chords
« on: October 08, 2023, 03:13:58 PM »
So this is strictly kinda more folk metal, but here's the chords to Jonathan Young's Devil With A Heart Of Iron.

Verses have same tune & chords as chorus!

Devil with a heart of iron,
 Am           C           G
Devil with a heart of iron,
 Am                        C
You can't drag her back to hell,
              Am                   G
You've been burning since you fell,
                 G                        Am
For the devil with a heart of iron
           Am             G          E Am

There upon the riverside you saw her,
A fearsome fiend with flaming f*cking fists,
Oh ever since you met her
Got a crazy f*cking temper
And in battle she is always f*cking pissed

Oh you've never had a lady call you soldier,
You've never had a lady with such rage,
And you can't even hold her
How you wish that she was colder
'cos you're thinking you should prob'ly get engaged


She's carving out a bloody path of vengeance,
A barbarian that Baldur's Gate betrayed,
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,
A devil girl with just one horn,
You cross her and there will be hell to pay.

You've met some ladies running from their demons,
But this here girl is running straight from hell,
And you really want to kiss her,
And she's not a f*cking wizard,
But it seems that she's got you under her spell.



Chorus x2
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