Author Topic: The Land of a Hundred and Fifty Lakes and Assehr  (Read 1042 times)


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The Land of a Hundred and Fifty Lakes and Assehr
« on: February 13, 2024, 11:36:59 PM »
The Land of a Hundred and Fifty Lakes, sometimes also known as Jettestal, is the name for the wide marshland that separates the Heirophancy from Dulshan on the seaward side. It begins somewhat south of the passes up to the Valleys of the Sunrise, and covers a broad. Inland of it, the marsh is fed by several fast-flowing rivers that pass through the steep foothills of Assehr. This latter region is perhaps more important than the Lakes: it is unremarkable for much beyond keeping sheep and goats, but it includes Meshtom's Road, a Heirophantic construction that for a hundred years or so at the Heirophancy's peak was the key artery through which it controlled the coasts and cities of the northern and coastal regions of Dulshan.

This region has been under Heirophantic control in the past, particularly Assehr, and even today local leaders will vary between giving nods to Heirophantic and Dulshani rule, perhaps in some cases claiming Heirophantic ancestry or paying tribute to the Heirophancy's role as keepers of balance whilst also sending tributes to Dulshan where useful. The loose nature of Dulshan's rulership and the impossibility of the Butterfly Court coming into so ill-prepared a region means that except in times of open war honour can usually be satisfied on all sides. Occasional skirmishes and local rulers drafting in larger powers to their aid are nonetheless common, and small Francolin companies often see their first fights somewhere in this region.
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