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New Projects Hosted by Exilian!
« on: June 04, 2024, 08:48:21 PM »
New Hosted Projects: June 2024

Today we're very happy to announce two projects that Exilian is now helping support with web hosting. Part of our mission here is to support independent academic as well as creative endeavours, and we're delighted to be taking the chance to help two really great scholarly events/networks have a stable, workable home online that can ensure their work reaches more people and is more accessible than ever before.

The Middle Ages in Modern Games is an online asynchronous conference where participants provide ideas and discussions of medieval worlds in gaming in a short written format. The conference's first to fourth years were as a Twitter conference before the format changed in 2024 to a WordPress site hosted by Exilian. This week is the fifth Middle Ages in Modern Games conference itself, which will see academics from across the world provide thoughts and ideas on a wide array of aspects of games and game dev. This includes sessions on Warfare, Empathy, the Fantastic, Aesthetics, and the Dev process, among others: it should have some really interesting reads for developers, historians, and members of the public alike.

We're excited to welcome MAMG to Exilian alongside our existing work in this area which includes hosting the Coding Medieval Worlds workshops every year!

The Medieval Caucasus Network is a group of scholars from around the world which exists to help connect people and expand understandings of the Caucasus and surrounding regions through the medieval period. Their work includes organising conferences, running a mailing list to connect scholars, putting scholars in touch with potential funding sources for conference travel, and much more besides. Their work includes not only academic staff but independent scholars and graduate students, and covers a wide range of disciplines and areas including archaeology, digital humanities, and art history as well as historical approaches to all parts of the region.

Exilian has long had some links to this area via our executive officer's work on Caucasiology, including us hosting some of the earliest versions of what was then the Caucasian Prospography Project and is now known as the (still unreleased) Prosopography of High Medieval Georgia database. Whether you know something or nothing about medieval Caucasia, there will doubtless be much more to discover!

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