Author Topic: Faction thread; Alania  (Read 3083 times)


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Faction thread; Alania
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:32:20 PM »
Alania is a kingdom born by the sword, and sustained by the bow. 5 years after the Nord invasion of Tihr and Sargoth, many of the former nobility revolted and forced the Nords out. They elected Rufund Recourn as their first King.

King Rufund has created a new state army, all bearing his insignia of the single lion rampant. His command of the army makes for a very strong state indeed.

80% Orinite
8% Pagan
7% Varalite
4% Conirile
1% Other

58% Swadian
30% Vaegir
9% Nordic
1% Geroian
1% Gorin
1% Other

Troop Types

Alan recruits are simply farmers with light armour and weapons. They are often still very dangerous, though, as they are drawn fromt he toughest men in the land - hunters, poachers, vagabonds and knaves, all offered a chnce to escape the noose by fighting for their King.

Longbowman/Marksman/Archery Seargeant
The Longbow is the most iconic trooper in the army. Armed with a longbow and sword, these men are formidable foes to enemy knights and nobles - even a King can be slain by a stray arrow.

Men at Arms
The men at arms form a solid core to the army, and armed with maces and swords they are the bane of enemy infantry, keeping them held up while the cavalry and archers do the killing.

Halberdiers and Footmen
These elite infantry types are tough and hardy in combat; the footman is solid and powerful in defence, hile the haberdier slashes and stabs, destorying enemy riders in their tracks.

The hobilar is a medium cavalryman, armed with a spear or sword, who is used to kill enemy troops pinned by the infantry. They are not very tough, but their spaers when couched are impossible to stop.

The knight is a tough, reliable and deadly hitting force, deadly on the charge, and difficult to kill. This warrior aristocracy has survived invasion, fire and the sword, and it will take more than a peasant rabble to shake their confidence.
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Faction thread; Alania
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2008, 09:00:17 PM »
Awesome jubal.

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Faction thread; Alania
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2008, 07:23:36 PM »
very interesting, il definatly try this out.