What to expect? (Next Release Preview)

Started by Son of the King, December 05, 2013, 06:49:45 PM

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Son of the King

The next release will be: Township pre-alpha 0.3

The last release was: Township pre-alpha 0.2

The Key Points

  • 0.2 required Python 3.x, this will work with either Python 2.7 or Python 3.4.
  • There will be maps of "unlimited" size.
  • It will be released once I have the basic map functionality fully implemented as a "tech demo" type thing.
  • There will also be an executable and installer for folk who don't want to battle with installing Python and all the required libraries.
Feature List

  • User interface for playing the game, rather than the old "only hotkeys" nightmare.
  • Infinite, 2D, map to build your townships.
  • Trees and stone scattered around the world, with stone common in higher areas and trees mostly gathered in the lowlands.
  • Villagers with a number of attributes that affect their ability to perform jobs in your township.
  • Monsters who roam the world, some which seek out your township and others who are passive unless disturbed.


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Son of the King

I got forests working today. Hopefully I'll get rocks working tomorrow (although tomorrow and Thursday are busy days for me) leaving me to work on villagers over the weekend :D .

Cuddly Khan

O.o Aaawsoome! Can't wait. Will villages have different sizes and stuff?
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