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Coding Medieval Worlds 4, Outcasts and Monsters: A Workshop for Historians and Game Devs, 17-18 February, 2024

Coding Medieval Worlds 4 happened in February 2024. This workshop had as its theme Outcasts and Monsters.

For this workshop, the major discussion groups were on monsters and marginalities, the reflection of monstrosity in game mechanics, and the ways in which monsters do or do not reflect both medieval and modern social anxieties. The second day included a split into two design focused working groups, one of which focused on redesigning and reimagining ways of interacting with medieval monsters and the other of which was focused on designing spaces and narratives in which those monsters could work in more interesting and nuanced ways. There were three panels of speakers and one keynote over the course of the weekend.

The lead organiser for this workshop was James Baillie: Tess Watterson, Liam Downs-Tepper, and Jafeth van Elten were the other members of the organising group, with Blair Apgar and Madeline Sterns as additional session chairs. Our partner organisations were Exilian and the University of Vienna Digital Humanities group.

Find out more details about the event below.

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