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Started by Vile Shrubo, July 20, 2008, 04:29:13 PM

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Vile Shrubo

Why would you want to be/become a chav?

Private Clark

what are chavs?


similar to "wiggers" i believe

Son of the King

I could tell you in one word imo, butit wouldn't be acceptable language  :lol:          .

So just click here instead. Although that isn't the best description i have ever seen.

As to why would I want to be a chav, I have no idea. I am not so socially retarded as to not realise that yob culture is kinda unacceptable...


I would become a chav so I could raise to the top of their organisation, arrange a huge meeting in a empty factory AND BLOW THEM UP


thats not such a bad idea....
who will help us do this???
Tis but a scratch...

Vile Shrubo

i agree. :ph43r: