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Re: Troop Rosters
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Yay procrastination!

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{law} Lawyers
Law students are known as some of the most argumentative students of the whole university. Despite being reluctant to get involved due to the highly dodgy legal basis of the conflict, they eventually formed an elite unit of heavy cavalry. Though some suspect they planned this all along, no-one dares to voice these thoughts publicly out of fear of rough justice at the end of a spear!

Lawyers are an elite heavy cavalry unit.
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{store_work} Store Workers
Although the stores initially tried to turn a quick profit off a seemingly small conflict, the explosion of violence in recent times has lead to them having to take up arms to defend their wares, and hence their profits! Though the lack of resources means they form into a light spear wielding unit. The colleges have taken advantage of this and will press them into service, presuming they control the area containing their stores!
 {store_work_descr_short} Store workers are a lightly armed spear unit who can only be recruited from commercial areas.
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{debate} Debaters
Debaters may be more used to hurling eloquent arguments; or if that fails, insults, at their opponents across the union floor, they have gotten more used to throwing javelins in these troubled times! Such is the love they feel for their beloved debating chamber that they can only be recruited from there, and will fight to the death to protect it!

Debaters are a light skirmishing unit armed with javelins.
Code: [Select]
{aru_art} ARU Arts Students
Anglia Ruskin University is best known by students as a place to direct gormless tourists asking ‘where’s the university’ to! Though looking down on these students is a mistake that no-one will live to regret. The art students have formed massed swordsmen to defend their university!
ARU Arts students are a massed unit of medium swordsmen.
Code: [Select]
{aru_sci} ARU Science Students

Anglia Ruskin University is best known by students as a place to direct gormless tourists asking ‘where’s the university’ to! Though looking down on these students is a mistake that no-one will live to regret. The science students have formed massed archers to defend their university!
ARU Science Students are a massed unit of archers.
Code: [Select]
{arb} Arbury Outriders

To the far north lies the wilderness known as Arbury, a place where students fear to tread. Some say the people out there are forming an army, and they were right! These people have learnt the ancient art of horse archery, making them a formidable foe.
Arbury Outriders are light cavalry archers from the north.
Code: [Select]
{bike} Bike Thieves
All students know of the horror of the bike thieves. In more peaceful times there were rumours of a thriving criminal business stealing bikes and then selling them at the universally hated ‘other place’. Though with hostilities breaking out they’ve decided a bit of raiding is more profitable! They still steal transport, only now it’s chariots instead of bikes!
Bike thieves are fast light charioteers.

Ooer child soldiers, wasn't sure if this should be darker? Or keep it light, since this mod is like that!

Code: [Select]
{edu} Education
Education students all take some courses from other subjects, anything from physical sciences to drama! Though small in number, they do have access to a resource no other students do, namely children! Though controlling these children is no task, leaving the teacher highly exasperated.
A single teacher leading a horde of lightly armed children.

Code: [Select]
{ranger} Chesterton Rangers
The north is home to the wilds of Chesterton, and also a new military force! These rangers are effective skirmish infantry, armed with bows and spears, making them effective both at a distance and close up.{ranger_descr_short}
Effective skirmishers armed with bows and spears.
Code: [Select]
{steward} Union Stewards
Union Stewards are used to keeping unruly students in order during debates, which can get rather heated! However, with students taking up arms they have prioritised defending the union with steel will be more effective! They have formed a legionary-style unit with large shields, and can throw pila a short distance. Though they have decided to keep their high-vis jackets!
A legionary-type unit with large shields and thrown pila.
Code: [Select]
{store_manage} Store Managers
Store managers have taken the lead in militarising their workforce. Though having decided that the best way to lead is from the front they have formed a tough medium cavalry unit.
A tough medium cavalry unit.
Code: [Select]
{arc} Architects
Although before the war architects spent their time designing buildings, now they like to knock them down! They have been heard justifying this by saying: ‘Yah, so... we wanted to give the building a more open-air feel to it, make it more relaxed and welcoming and less closed-in. So, yah, we just, like, took a battering ram to it.’ They are useful for quick sieges, as there’s no need to build a ram if you carry it with you!
An infantry unit carrying a battering ram.
Code: [Select]
{ames} Asian & Middle eastern studies
Asian & Middle eastern studies students are fascinated with anything to the east, be it middle, or far! Choosing to use a fighting style appropriate to this area, they have somehow acquired elephants and now ride them into battle! Though they’ve yet to get past the fact that their beasts are afraid of fire and have a tendency to run berserk if panicked.
Elephant riders!
Code: [Select]
{proctor} Proctors
Proctors are the disciplinarians of the university. They are feared by some for their power to bring punishment on students, others find them a target for laughs due to their silly hats. Though that didn’t stop a foolishly brave, or perhaps just foolish, second year spraying one with champagne by mistake! They have now formed a powerful heavy cavalry unit and fight solely for the exarchate!{proctor_descr_short}
A heavy cavalry unit who fight for the exarchate.
I've done a quick check for errors (eg. wrong tag & such) but I may have missed some so let me know!
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