Author Topic: The Battle of Sarn Athrad (For Age of Mythology WITH Legends of Middle Earth)  (Read 3438 times)


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Jubal presents...

I don't do much AoM scenario work, but I got bored and knocked this together so thought I should release it. This is a scenario for the Legends of Middle earth mod, so you need both AoM AND the mod to run it.


The story is part of "The Nauglafring", written by Tolkien as part of what would later become the Silmarillion. The version that eventually got into the Silmarillion, though, isn't Tolkien's - it was written by his son Christopher, as whilst Tolkien often hinted the story needed a lot of changes he never wrote another full version after writing LOTR/The Hobbit. This scenario goes back to the original Nauglafring, and presents the story of the Battle of Sarn Athrad and the Ruin of Doriath from the point of view of the dwarves of Nogrod (generally considered its antagonists).

As the scenario opens, you are commanding the forces of Naugladur, King of Nogrod, shortly after the destruction of the great elven city of Menegroth. It has been a great victory, and you have recovered the Nauglamir - a necklace with a Silmaril, one of the greatest jewels ever made, set into it. All is not well, however. Your force is not just from Nogrod; it is a fragile coalition between your own troops, those of Bodruin of Belegost who has come with you as a more experienced military commander, and a force of orcish mercenaries who want to keep plundering the realm of Doriath. Your task in the scenario is to judge how best to keep your forces together so that you have enough men left to face the potential elfin counterattacks in the forests and the crossing of the single stony ford that leads back to Nogrod - Sarn Athrad.

In the actual story, Bodruin attempted to take the Nauglamir and was killed, after which the dwarves of Belegost left the force; the orcs left soon after, leaving a much reduced army that was trapped and routed at Sarn Athrad. Your aim is to re-write Middle Earth's history; good luck!


Opening cinematic:

The dwarf marching camp:

Roughly what the canonical battle (aka losing really badly) looks like:

Leaving the ruined gates of Doriath, and one of the side-quests (choosing which to do and which to avoid is crucial to keeping your army together).
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