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« on: April 10, 2013, 12:59:01 PM »

It's the first of the two big unit previews now; the sciences & maths subjects!

Science Undergraduates (Pictured with Backs Alliance captain)
Science undergraduates are more used to stressing about their lab reports than fighting on the battlefield! However, many of them secretly hide fantasies of cutting their way through an entire horde of enemies. This has been harnessed by their leaders who have pressed them into service as light infantry units. Their scalpels can be lethal at close range, but they’re vulnerable against units with a long reach.

Physical Natural Scientists
Physical Natural Scientists (Phys NatScis) have chosen to focus their studies in the areas of chemistry or physics. They easily apply this knowledge on the battlefield, marching to war in lab coats, safety goggles and helmets, armed with crossbows they produced themselves. They are generally used as a basic missile unit.

Biological Natural Scientists
Students who have decided they love living things become biological natural scientists. With a love for genetic modifying anything they possibly can, it was almost inevitable that they would start on horses to try and improve their cavalry capabilities, especially for speed! They ride into battle wearing lab coats and armed with clamp stands to smash their enemies to death!

Mathmos are a group widely known for being highly introverted. However, with the outbreak of hostilities they gathered into groups and devised a rather unique form of combat. From a short range they throw their measuring rods at the enemy, throwing individuals into the air and disrupting their formation before charging and engaging them at close range whilst armed with measuring rods and giant protractors as shields. Nobody really knows how measuring rods can hurl people ten feet skywards, but then nobody really understands mathmos anyway.

Veterinarians have spent their time studying various domesticated species and how best to care for them. So, with the outbreak of war it seemed sensible for them to train beast units, specifically, war dogs. It is believed they would prefer tigers, but these are in rather short supply. These units are vulnerable if attacked directly, despite being lightly armoured and carrying rods to fight with, however the animals themselves are cheap and relatively easy to replenish should it be necessary after battle.

Battle Ambulance
Medical students are one of the most numerous of all students in the university. Horrified by the death and suffering going on around them they have decided to join the fight, in a (at least theoretically) humanitarian effort. With the assistance of a few friendly engineers they have hastily assembled carts pulled by four horses. On this, they ride with their allies into battle and use their expertise to assist them in boosting nearby units. The crew also carry bows in case of a fight, though, and if one of the heavy carts charges an enemy formation it can cause as many casualties as the crew can heal.

Engineer Scorpion
Engineers have a tendency to fiddle with machinery, or build it if they don’t yet have one! These engineers are keeping things simple and have built a basic piece of artillery known as the ‘scorpion’. It only needs one operator and fires bolts, up to 4 bolts a minute in the right hands, each one capable of piercing shields and armour.

Engineer Scorpion Battery
The engineers have refined their production process for building scorpions and are able to produce them three times as quickly! As a result, this unit now brings three of these machines to battle.

Engineer Ballista
Not content with simple artillery, the engineers went back to the drawing board, and built ballistae! They are more powerful than scorpions, able to skewer multiple armoured soldiers, but have a similar rate of fire. However, they require a minimum of 3 operators per ballistae. They are used both as siege weapons and field artillery.

Engineer Catapult
These engineers have decided to move onto a different style of artillery, and built a catapult. These are capable of hurling missiles at a much greater range than the ballista-style weaponry. However, they are far less accurate. They are mainly used as siege weaponry but can be deployed on the field to destroy other artillery or bombard tightly clustered enemies. They can be loaded either with rocks or fire-pots for a further panic inducing effect, though at the cost of extra range.

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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2013, 01:09:42 PM »
They really are simply stunning and incredible. Mathmos and battle ambulances.
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« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2013, 01:26:14 PM »
Fantastic! Also loving the Backs Alliance captain... :D


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« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2013, 02:49:49 PM »
Du bist kein Schmetterling! Du bist nur eine kleine Raupe in Verkleidung!