Author Topic: The Embassy Of The Noble And Ancient House Of Blaiddmor  (Read 2243 times)


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The Embassy Of The Noble And Ancient House Of Blaiddmor
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:25:06 AM »
(Pinned to the notice board of the Blaiddmor Family Embassy, you see an official looking sheet of parchment with very blandly correct hand-writing on it.)

As His Excellency, Lord Blaiddmor is currently away, dealing with internal affairs in the glorious nation of -name redacted-, he has given me the temporary position of Emissary to the Glorious City of Exilian. He really does honor me too much, with this new addition to my work load. As my first official decision, he did me the honor of announcing that I have decided a official reading room of sorts, where you gracious ladies and gentlemen of Exilian may hear the latest communication from Lord Blaiddmor himself about the situation in -name redacted-. He mentioned that he may also send the writings of various generals and relations of his, on such varied subjects as agriculture, husbandry, warfare, and possibly even the latest popular ditty that is sweeping the nation. In short, while this is first and foremost, a official embassy, we will also endeavor to keep you all up to date on the latest incredibly important and immensely consequential happenings in -name redacted-, in the interests of fostering better understanding between our people. Packages should arrive fairly regularly, unless events interrupt the somewhat awkward courier system we have set up. In fact, one has already arrived, and I shall try and have the contents up for your viewing before too long.  His Excellency has announced that he is also doing us the great honor of accepting letters, if you wish to inquire about any specific details of the ongoing war, or really anything at all, I am sure he would be entirely too happy to answer. At present, there should be a letter or two from Lord Blaiddmor in the reading-room. It is right between the kitchen and the torture chamber, you can't miss it.

               Bob, Clerk of the Noble And Ancient House of Blaiddmor, and Temporary Emissary to the City of Exilian.

(Laying on a ornate and antique wooden table, in the reading room, there is a rather damp sheet of parchment, written on in very elegant and ornate hand-writing.)

Greetings, citizens of Exilian. I do hope things are doing quite as splendidly there as they are here. The war against -name redacted- rags on, but I appear to be gaining the upper hand nevertheless, as is to be expected against traitors and scoundrels. Three cities and two castles have fallen within the last week, thanks in part to an interesting tactic I read about in the Exilian Library. Something along the lines of a giant wooden horse.  But at the moment we are no longer involved in sieges, but are hunting down -name redacted-, the despicable fool and turncoat, with what is left of his army. They have unfortunately fled into one of the least pleasant areas nearby, the forest of -name redacted-. We keep having to cut down bands of these blasted, short, fur-covered creatures with sticks, and the damp is rather all-pervasive, but aside from that, the march seems to be going quite smoothly. Also, I have sent a message to the Emperor, asking for permission to send uncensored communications, and if he condescends to agree, I'll be sure to send some maps along with the next letter, which should also be a bit more detailed. I'll also be sending my cousin -name redacted- back to Exilian, if I can spare him, so that he can answer any questions you may have about me, or the finer points of the war, or anything you may want to know about life here. But I am afraid this letter must be cut short, the short things seem to be causing a ruckus again, one of their spears just came through my tent. Farewell ladies and gentlemen.

               Lord Blaiddmor, One And Only True Heir Of The Ancient And Magnificent House Of Bladdmor


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Re: The Embassy Of The Noble And Ancient House Of Blaiddmor
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 06:50:27 PM »
I approve of this thread highly, and eagerly await more missives.  ;D
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