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RTH 1.2 is out!
« on: December 25, 2013, 06:14:15 PM »
Philadelphos released this on TWC on the 19th. I thought I'd wait till Christmas to present it :)

Important adjustments in RTH 1.2:

Bug fixes:
- Units causing CTD fixed
- Shields of Egyptian Machimoi fixed
- Missing UIs added
- Broken trade connections fixed in Scythia, India, Arabia and Aethiopia

Major improvements:
- Mercenaries can be bribed joining most factions
- Garrisons and Citadels enabled for direct recruitment of regional mercenaries
- Battle Creator enabled
- Custom battlefields added (Seven Wonders, Milet, Cyzicus, Thermopylae, Delphi, Mycene, Epidaurus, Isthmus, Sicyon, Naples, Syracuse, Agrigentum)
- Custom battles added (Thermopylae, Ipsus, Delphi, Acrocorinth, Syracuse)
- Battle movement modifiers diversified according to different ground
- New design for desert towns (Capsa, Artacoana and more)
- New design for Barbarian hillfort towns: Alesia, Gergovia, Numantia and more)
- New detailed design for Syracuse

- MAP improvements:
- City of Athens and Piraeus moved, new coastline in Argolis
- Region Sindica (capital Phanagoria) added, with road going from Phasis to Tanais
- Capital of Gaetulia moved from Thamondocana to Capsa
- More accurate borders in Thrace and Odrysia. Capital of Thrace is now Philippopolis, with Celtic capital Tylis reduced to fort
- Port of Barygaza added in India
- Port of Hellespontus moved from Sestos to Ainos (a ship in Sestos was closing the passage)
- Better coastline and roads in Scythia (mouth of Borysthenes/Dnjepr)
- Better roads in Arabia and Aethiopia
- Height adjustments in Greece and other areas
- Roughness of battle maps reduced
- Trade benefits for ports at very close distance reduced (Athens-Argos and some others)
- Illyrian island channel navigable in automatic (move from Rhizon/Cattaro to Iader with one click)

- More UNITS added: Libyan Spearmen, Lucanian Warriors, Pontic Heavy Peltasts, Parthian Heavy Infantry, Scythian Heavy Infantry, Gothic Spearmen, Celtic Onagers and more
- More officers and standard bearers added to units
- Improved roster for Illyria/Thrace with new units Thracian Infantry, Thracian Swordsmen, Thracian Gladiators, Odrysian Peltasts, Odrysian Mercenaries, Odrysian Cavalry, Paionian Cavalry, Dardanian Warband, Dardanian Thorakitai, Triballi Falxmen, and more
- Thracian Mercenaries now with light armour
- Improved roster for Iberian Tribes adding Iberian Archers, Iberian Spearmen, Iberian Caetrati and more

- Reworked BUILDINGS tree introducing:
- Medical: Medicus, Hospital, Medical School, Aesculapium
- Educational: Gymnasion, Rhetoric School, Mathematical School, Musaeum, Royal Library, Great Library
- Sport grounds: Palaestra, Gymnasium, Stadium
- Festivals: Floralia, Bacchanalia, Saturnalia
- Oracles: Delphi, Dodona, Ammonion
- River Port, Naval Base
- Rostra, Comitium and Roman Theatre, Gymnasium, Aerarium (Rome)
- Stoa (Greeks)
- Gerusia (Sparta), City Guild and Council of Elders, Archons, Areopag, Synarchy
- Satrapy, Tyranny (Greek), Nome (Egypt), Municipium, Colonia, Provincia (Roman)
- Garden, Park, Paradise (Eastern, Seleucids)
- Wells, Cisterns, Fountains, Baths
- Pasture (Barbarian)
- Mint, State Archive (Rome)
- Lictors (Rome)
- More temples and cults: Mithras, Isis and more
- Full polytheism introduced, allowing to build an almost unlimited number of temples (except in Parthia)
- Diversified icons for many temples added
- New icons for many other buildings added
- Special buildings: Seven Wonders (Pyramids, Colossus, Mausoleum, Artemision, Olympia, Hanging Gardens, Pharos, Stonehenge)
- Special buildings: minor wonders (Acropolis, Capitol, Ortygia, Paradise of Daphne, Dam of Mariba and many more)
- Special buildings: naval ports (Piraeus, Alexandria, Carthage, Syracuse, Ostia, Naples, Tarentum)
- Special buildings: specific temples (Jupiter Optimus, Juno Moneta, Janus, Concordia, Solomon's temple and many more)

Feel free to post any question you like!

Here is the download link to RTH_1.2:

To install the game you need a vanilla version of Rome Total War upgraded to versions 1.3 and 1.5. Unzip the file with Win RAR and move the folder RTH into your Rome Total War folder besides the original Data folder. Do the same with the “Rome Total History mod” launcher and eventually open properties to correct the destination path. Use the launcher to start the game. It's easy.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
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