Full Walkthrough: Doctor Who - City of the Daleks

Started by Jubal, May 03, 2014, 12:13:06 AM

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Okay, city of the Daleks


Step 1. Push the car to get to the underground
Okay, so this is the point at which it first becomes clear that Daleks and all other monsters in these games should be declared legally blind. Go past the underground entrance, you can then climb over the broken car, go forward to behind the sandbags, then right and up behind the car and push it. Welcome to the underground! Might take a couple of tries to get right.

Step 2. Open the door
Walk up to the door until the lock glows, use middle mouse to open inventory, click your screwdriver and you can sonic that thing.

Step 3. Avoid more Daleks
(This is going to be the theme of a lot of these). Basically the golden rule is stay behind the first Dalek, as soon as it's passed your sandbag-fort. Then dodge round and behind or into the next sandbag fort, until it rolls the other way and you can just walk past it and run to the end.

Step 4. Minigame
This is fairly self-explanatory; might take a couple of tries, but it's just connecting up some wires. I'll post a spoilered solution at some point if anyone asks for it.

Step 5.
Welp, looks like C-list temp character died, better get back to the TARDIS. Don't try going over where the car you pushed was - cross back over the upturned car, then get to behind the other car directly in front of you - you should be able to do that fine without getting spotted. The trick for the next bit is just moving when the nearest Dalek is about to look as far as possible in the other direction. Might take a couple of tries to get the timing right - the frequently annoying one is when you manage it but Amy doesn't.

And we're off in the TARDIS to Kalaan!


Step 1. Get the Dalek part
Sonic the Dalek head in front of you (get it lit up, middle mouse, click), then it's a steady hand maze game. Good luck!

Step 2. Fix Amy
Okay, you need two parts for this. Leave the room, go left and through into the Dalek factory. Then sneak along behind the wall to your left. The trick here is a) use cover and b) where possible first observe where the Daleks turn around, then walk directly behind them and make sure you're not standing there at the moment they swivel.

From behind the wall, go up the left side of the factory, go in the first door to your left. Then go round the left hand side of the central chamber, push the box, climb over the boxes and jump down into the central chamber. One of the parts you need is there. You can then sonic the door to leave the central chamber.

Now you need to go back into the factory, same sneaking rules as before. Make your way down the rest of the left hand side of the room, behind the wall and through the door at the other end, head into the store-room (also on your left) to find the other part. Then go back the way you came until you're back at Amy. Another maze game later, and she's not going all regularly flashy and invisible!

Step 3. Library time!

Okay, you and Amy can now leave. Go right now; there's a dalek in this room who's quite difficult to get past, as usual it's a case of timing and going as soon as it's about to look maximally the other way. Once you're past that, the library beckons. Aaand there's a big search eye looking for you there. (The sneak mechanics are a little overused).
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How about a let's play on our youtube channel?
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I don't like doing Let's Plays, I might be tempted at some point but I've got this and then four other walkthroughs to do first  :P
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