Sport in Sarpedonia

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Sport in Sarpedonia

In honour of various recent sporting events, I present to you a brief alphabetical guide to the sports of Sarpedonia. Rules clarifications and other questions may be asked below!


Archery is dying out as a sport in most areas, as the musket replaces the bow as a major weapon of war. It is still practised in parts of Sarastia and Tarrala, and is often ritually associated with the worship of Artemis.


Both as a way of settling disputes and as an entertainment form, duelling has been rapidly gaining in popularity. Whilst often banned due to its high risk of fatalities, famous duellists nevertheless operate in the fighting pits of shady taverns and – in countries where it is legal – in market squares in full view.


A horseback sport played on the great plains and into parts of western Surany. A set of rings on poles are set up; the aim is for a player to catch as many rings on the end of their lance or spear as possible. Teams are of two, however, and players may not take consecutive rings.


Once popular amongst the gentry, jousting is now done only rarely, but a few still practise and it is done as a courtly entertainment in Aloen and Durginfeldt.


A team sport most popular in Durginfeldt, parts of Wurttembuch, Aloen, and much of the Union. Somewhat similar to lacrosse, played with long poles that have a net or bag at the end to catch a small wooden ball in. The teams are of eight players (usually played with one defending a goal-basket on a pole at each end of the large pitch, four defenders, and three attackers). The poles occasionally have padding after the bag, as they are often used to put the enemy off/keep them away from the ball as much as to hold or throw it!

Pommen is declining in popularity, after a heyday about a century ago – local teams are now less common, but groups of travelling players often include teams who will play for entertainment.


A sport usually played in the far south of Sarpedonia, particularly in Mirawanda and the Green Coast where the small townships and city-states all have teams (and sometimes several teams). Teams are of five players, stripped to the waist. The ball must be placed on the central platform of the court, (which is confined (perhaps 10mx10m) and often in a pit), and it must stay there for a time period (about 30 seconds) to score. The sport is full contact – there are basic rules to avoid killings such as bans on biting, gouging, striking the throat, or attempting to break the neck or spine, and beyond that almost anything is fair game.

Redball is wildly popular, a lot of money runs on it, and indeed the teams are often locked into municipal politics; it is a central part of the beating hearts of the southern cities.


Competitive shooting with guns is a relatively new contest sport, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Shooting competitions are common in parts Chaltary and the more urban and centralised regions of the Union, where either the culture is very geared towards warfare or guns are cheap or some of the gentry particularly like shooting.
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