Author Topic: Playing Hetairos: The Practical Guide  (Read 5736 times)


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Playing Hetairos: The Practical Guide
« on: July 16, 2014, 07:00:12 PM »
This will be for some hints and tips that aren't in the rulebook/are in the appendices, specifically on physically setting up the game.

  • I usually use graph paper, stuck together by laying it down carefully on top of sellotape
  • Staples work a lot less well as the paper will crumple when you try to draw on it. Glue is possible but you lose some paper due to overlap and if the glue is at all lumpy you have a drawing/keeping models upright issue
  • Remember that the tape shouldn't be on the playing side, as you're going to want to draw over it!

  • There is no need to buy specialist playing pieces, though there's a guide here if you want to make your games all pretty. The entire testing run was done with a mini chess set and a mini draughts set.
  • If your playing pieces are bigger, your board squares need to be bigger to compensate. 28mm is probably too big in most cases.

  • Don't roll across the board. It never ends well.
  • Always remember that internet dice rollers exist, you don't need to buy extra dice if you have a web connection!
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