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[Character] Xabbed ina-Kamas
« on: February 03, 2015, 11:18:42 PM »
Xabbed ina-Kamas

Xabbed ina-Kamas is an evil giant, and a ruler or chieftain.1

Like Biriir ina-Barqo, strength is a key feature of Xabbed's; he uses his for evil purposes, such as blocking up the wells in his land, and is shown primarily as being greedy.1

Brief synopsis
He appears in "The Clash of the Giants" which explains his extortion of food from his people and his defeat and death at the hands of Biriir ina-Barqo.

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Character links
Biriir ina-Barqo (As Good Parallel/Enemy)

Thread Links
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  • Folk Tales from Somalia, p.143

  • Hanghe, Ahmed A. - Folk Tales from Somalia (1988)

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