Author Topic: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 10 - Materialistic Approaches  (Read 4510 times)


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Hello everyone!

Taleworlds seem to be stepping up the pace with their blogs (Even if only slightly), and they have now released number 10, which covers interactions with NPCs.

In the previous games, interaction between player and non-player characters was pretty lacklustre and predictable. Every item had an assigned base value, which only really changed based on it's quality, and the player party's Trading skill. Under a new "Bartering" system, each item (Including Gold) carries a certain bargaining weight to it, dependent on factors such as the the player's relation to the NPC and the individual needs of that NPC, as well as traditional skill scoring.

In my ideal world, this would lend credence to encounters with NPCs whereby they would be desperate for a particular item (Such as food), and would be willing to trade something disproportionately valuable for it (I once paid £5 for a slice of pizza, because I was hungry :gollum: ).

The system will also govern your interactions with Lords of other factions, as well as the interactions between the Lords themselves. Lords defecting to a particular faction will now have some logic behind it, and defections will be based upon a specific interaction between a King and a Lord, rather than the algorithmic randomness we saw in Warband. It's logical to assume that the same system will also manage friendships, rivalries and marriages.

See you guys soon!
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Ooh, I really like the look of this - I'm glad to see that Bannerlord's working hard on the game depth as well as the graphics side.  :)
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