Author Topic: Rome: Total War Modding Awards 2013 at TWC  (Read 3066 times)


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Rome: Total War Modding Awards 2013 at TWC
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:32:26 AM »

The voting begins!

Exilian's contributions include:

Most popular mod and sub-mod - A Game of Colleges and Return of Atlantis.
Most popular hosted mod - Warhammer: TW - A Call To Arms.
Most popular modders - our own Jubal Barca and comrade_general!

Go out and support your fellow Exilianites!
Click the pic above to be taken to the voting booth.
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Re: Rome: Total War Modding Awards 2013 at TWC
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Go team Exilian!  :)

I think we can be pretty confident of winning the Best Mod/Submod one, I suspect we'll fall short on the other two given the competition.
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