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Heroica Links
« on: June 29, 2015, 06:26:00 PM »

General Heroica Sites

Google+ Heroica Group:
Discussion group still active as of Apr/May 2015.

MOC Pages Heroica:
Site with a lot of creations, mostly ideas for extra maps and a lot of new ideas for hero types (most of which sadly there are no models for, but the mock-ups look awesome!).

Nowayland Heroica:
General fan site. Not much recent activity.

Rules Supplements/Ideas

Advanced Epic Battle Heroica:
This ruleset mostly provides the basis for a tougher and more in-depth game, with the monsters having multiple HP and the Heroes having two skills each.

Eurobricks thread:
Discussion thread involving a variety of people giving the rulesets they use when playing the game.


WNWA On Heroica:
Points out a few useful things, like that you can buy the bricks separately, and vaguely reviews the game.

TheBrickBlogger On Heroica:
A nice review that's generally very favourable to the game.

Online Games

This game 99% faithfully transcribes the vanilla rules to online. Playable hot seat with friends.

The Adventures:
A shooting game, more akin to Angry Birds than Heroica, but it's in the setting so I guess it goes here.

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