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Fan theories
« on: January 14, 2016, 01:47:33 PM »
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I wrote a load of armadillo about my theories and then it crashed and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh.

So this is a thread of theories, like how Jar Jar is actually a Sith lord or whatever else amuses or intrigues you.

Well I think Yoda knew about the plot against the Jedi, but let it happen anyway. I don't see how someone as wise as Yoda could be blind to the plot, or how the council would not have been more suspicious of Palpatine unless someone on the council was telling them to chill the portugal out.
But why would Yoda betray the Jedi? Because the Jedi were not what they pretend to be. They were not heroes and they were not compassionate, they never actually show any decency towards non Jedi. Throughout the films we see the Jedi through their own point of view, the only dissenting voice we hear is Palpatine's and we dismiss him because the Jedi have told us that the Sith are pure evil. IIRC the Sith only hate the Jedi because the Jedi perpetrated a genocide against them (a very long time in the past, but it's still important when you consider the conservative nature of the Jedi.) Children are indoctrinated into their cult from a very young age (8 year old Anakin is considered too young to start training, too young to be thoroughly brainwashed perhaps?) and are forced to lead a harsh life of austerity and relative social isolation. The Jedi train these children as soldiers, and makes use you them as soldiers whilst they are still children (Anakin has obviously seen and used violence by the start of AotC and according to what I think is still canon Jedi children as young as at least 14 fought in the clone wars) which is exceedingly disturbing.  Once they reach the status of Knight they seem to have no one investigating their actions, they are trained killers with little regard for ordinary people and who are happy to use mind control on any random alpaca (and lets face it, mind control is portugaling terrifying and a worse invasion of someone's rights than outright violence.) No one (apart from Anakin himself) seems to give a portugal that little Ani slaughters an entire village of sandpeople including the children, but of course slaughtering the genuinely dangerous Jedi younglings is unspeakably evil.
But even if you (or more importantly Yoda) still see the Jedi as good then just look at what they teach. Severe emotional repression and the avoidance of emotional attachment. Why? Because without these the Jedi are apparently prone to "turning to the dark side" aka going psychotic and killing without thought. Either force users are inherently prone to emotional instability or the Jedi lifestyle predisposes one to it (and I think this is far more likely), but whichever it is I think it's incredibly likely that Yoda will have seen many atrocities committed by Jedi (turned or otherwise) during his 800+ years of life. Even if he manages to keep faith with Jedi teachings it would be unsurprising if he wanted to curb the power/number of the Jedi, if he didn't then surely he would welcome the opportunity to become the sole leader of the Jedi and implement reform. Is he capable of betraying the Jedi? Well if he has succeeded in following the Jedi mantra of emotional repression and lack of attachment then yes of course, after all his colleagues sacrifice is all for the greater good.
So Yoda allows the Sith to make their move and destroy most of the Jedi, the fatal flaw in his plan was his overconfidence in his ability to defeat Palpatine and destroy the Sith. Thus after betraying his order and allowing their deaths for nothing he goes into exile, broken hearted and ready to die.

Also I don't think that using the Dark side turns anyone evil, I think that most Jedi turn because they are taught that tapping into the Dark side will start them on a path of no retreat, thus it becomes a strong symbolism of turning on their teaching and snapping a lifetime of their emotional repression and inhibition. The Jedi lifestyle is not at all balanced, it's hardly surprising if they find it difficult to find a balance. I've read that Mace Windu was able to tap into the Dark side without turning, he can't be the exception that proves the rule (because exceptions don't prove a rule, it's a stupid phrase.)

I've spent way too long thinking about stupid space magic, I should probably do something productive now.


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Re: Fan theories
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 08:47:13 PM »
Woah, woah woah woah. Woah.

Jedi relinquish attachments because they're fraught with powerful emotions. To a Jedi emotions are dangerous because they lead to emotional actions rather than rational ones, using the power they have for reasons other than rational ones is tempting them to use these powers in selfish ways. Being so in-tune with everyone's emotions means that they are more disposed towards emotional instability. Which then leads to them desiring power, which leads to them overthrowing a republic and creating a galactic empire. Or something.

Being a Jedi is about sacrificing the few (kids that become Jedi) to save the many (billions that darksiders blow up with death stars and armadillo). Also this is to keep them under control via a sort of galaxy wide group therapy. Each Jedi is supposed to look out for each other and help if they need it, which is usually easy to know because part of being a Jedi is to sense emotions, making them usually empathetic.

Nobody cares Anakin kills sand people because they're sand people, they raid and kill and not a lot else. The Jedi should however care that he's obviously emotional and unstable. Which I think is why they declined his request to become master.

Jedi spend most of the time in study and meditation which in addition to their compassionate nature from being able to sense emotions makes them galaxy renowned diplomats, which is their main function I believe. The story of Anakin is filled with jedi killing people because the republic was at war with CIS and the only affiliation the Jedi have is a loose affiliation with the Republic. Even then the majority of the Jedi aren't fighting, they're spying on CIS, improving relations with other systems etc. Having said that, the Jedi generally have people who make decent generals and admirals because they are a martial order as well.

The Sith actually came before the Jedi by about a thousand years iirc and warred with other sith, basically the principles of being a sith is acquire power and kill anyone who threatens that.

Yoda actually isn't all that but even if he was it wouldn't have been beneficial to let so many Jedi die while propelling Palpatines senate status. Surely it'd be way easier to just send all of them to fight CIS and get killed inconspicuously.
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Re: Fan theories
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2016, 11:48:43 AM »
Nobody cares Anakin kills sand people because they're sand people
That's racist!  :P

I probably should have pointed out that I don't think this theory ever even crossed george's mind, it just makes more sense to me than the official story. I know to actually enjoy a SW film you have to suspend your disbelief and avoid asking questions, and I guess this is just another example of that.

But anyway
Again we never actually see any evidence of the Jedi being compassionate or doing good (I'm basing this purely off the films, never read any SW novels), we're only told by the Jedi that they are. As to the origins of the Sith, according to wookiepedia (what a name) the Sith were a race of force sensitive people's discovered by a dark jedi (or group of dark jedi can't remember) who had been exiled and sent unarmed in a transport ship to drift into unknown space (if dark users are inherently evil why not just kill them?). The dark jedi taught the Sith to use the force and formed an empire which then attacked the republic or the jedi or whoever the jedi were affiliated with. The jedi managed to defeat them and then sent an expedition to destroy all traces of their empire in a genocidal event, hence why the surviving Sith weren't too keen on them. Sure you could say the Sith were too dangerous to be allowed to survive, but then surely the same could be said of the Jedi.

basically the principles of being a sith is acquire power and kill anyone who threatens that.
An outsider looking at the Jedi could say the same.

But as I said, even if we still assume Jedi are the good guys, they are all very dangerous. A good cull diminishes the threat that the Jedi pose to the rest of the galaxy and leaves Yoda in charge of those remaining (if he is the only surviving master, which it seems he is.) The benefit of letting the Sith do it is that they have to reveal themselves, allowing Yoda and the survivors to destroy the Sith for good. Also the CIS didn't seem to be doing the job of annihilating the Jedi very effectively, and the Jedi masters of the council were really the ones who needed to be removed to pave the way for supreme leader Yoda's ascension to power.
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