Author Topic: Workshop Booze Up VII - I like food, WBU?  (Read 41986 times)


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Re: Workshop Booze Up VII - I like food, WBU?
« Reply #450 on: October 24, 2019, 10:51:55 PM »
Those can probably be arranged, I think :)

I've got several articles to finish as well - another part of the Problem of Focus, a Warhammer characters discussion, and yet another Unexpected Bestiary... not sure which of those I should prioritise next!

Meanwhile, I went to see an Irish folk duo this evening and they were good, so that was nice! I'm going out tomorrow night as well for pizza with the Byzantinists, so it's going to have been a busy week for evening events. Possibly the most interesting was Tuesday - Central European University is moving some operations to Vienna because of their issues with the Hungarian government, so they did a Vienna-side opening of their medieval department which had some interesting talks.
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