Author Topic: Fox Box Orc Shotguns  (Read 4379 times)


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Fox Box Orc Shotguns
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:42:46 PM »
For me personally there's three eras of casting in my personal history. The first was messing about with single-sided moulds with my father about fifteen years ago. The results were basically useless but it was fun doing something with my dad.

The second was when I first got back into wargaming around 2009 or so. I needed some shotguns for some greenskins and the old plastic ones were the wrong scale:

The mould makes no sense and the results were pretty worthless, frankly. Instead I got in touch with Ramshackle Games and they started casting them along with some other designs I put together. I received copies of both the basic shotguns and the finished versions that Curtis had detailed and added arms to.

These days casting is no problem whatsoever but I'm doing my best to improve my abilities with muscles so I had a go at sculpting arms of my own for the shotguns (working from my originals, so I had to add my own detailing). I'm relatively pleased with the results and figure they might be useful for other people too.