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BearKnight's Star-Chaser RPG
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Welcome to BearKnight's Star-Chaser RPG!
This is your chance to explore the mysterious stars and worlds of the universe, through space travel! (note: depending on vessel type, can vary between method of travel)
This is the time to forge your own path, or see where the stars take you!

Character sheet template:
Name (English/native language if available, feel free to make one up):
Age/life expectancy:
Special abilities (choose 2):
Species description (8 sentences max):
Other traits (choose 3):
Skills(distribute 8 points however you would prefer. no field must be left at 0):

I will also allow players to create themselves pets, assuming they are small enough that we don't need to micromanage them as if they are another complete character, with actions and perks. Pet information that should be added to your creation post should be:

Age/life expectancy:
Short description(include colour, physical appearance, and intelligence):

Feel free to ask any other questions!
Happy space-faring, astronauts!
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Re: BearKnight's Star-Chaser RPG
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Name: Orphi
Age: 6 expectancy: 900

Star-System: Lapis-117ANNIHILATED
Home-world: Lapis: Knox 1108 UNKNOWN
Special abilities:
1: Evolved: Orphi can survive without oxygen
2: All-purpose: Orphi can stick to any surface if he wishes
Species: Xenoph
Species Description: Xenophs are small squid-like creatures with four small tentacles,  one eye, and are in their own words; spotted if they are male, and striped if they are female. Xenophs can discharge small pulses of electricity if they are irritated or frightened, and communicate via telepathy. They are also able to survive without oxygen, however this can lead them to become emotionally unstable for unknown reasons. Xenophs can come in a variety of colours, the most common being blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, or purple.
Before their home-world was obliterated, along with the rest of their star system, the Xenophs were a very populating breed of creature.
They are about as large as a standard boot, but are still not something to be under-estimated if insulted enough.

other traits:
3:thrives underwater


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Re: BearKnight's Star-Chaser RPG
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Starting Post/introduction:

You awaken in your stasis cylinder, peering out at the world around you and groggily trying to make sense of where, or when you are.
You can't seem to remember when you were preserved, or why, but all you know with certainty is that you feel like you have slept for a very long time.
Looking out through the thick glass, you notice the Stasis Chamber in greater detail. It appears you are raised off the ground, your cylinder mounted onto a machine, that hums as it regulates your nutrition and bodily function through advanced nano-technology, allowing you free to move. You can't see the base of the machine, but looking forward you see a cat-walk adjacent to the wall, which is quite some distance away. you assume it to be roughly forty meters, and designed for humans. A long singular bridge makes its way down the left side of your field of vision, disappearing into the un-known, with various warnings and safety signs posted around the place.

The room is illuminated by neon strips, running vertically up the walls every ten meters or so and bathing the chamber in their cold blue lighting. As far as you can make out, they meet at the top and join together to make a full ring of luminescence around the girth of the room. Looking more closely, you notice there is also a cat-walk just below you, attached to the base of your preservation cylinder, obviously for maintenance and inspections.

Looking sideways, you notice countless other cylinders, with various sentient life-forms preserved within, all attached to the same machine. It is then you realize, as you look in the opposite direction that you are all attached at the base to a large pillar of machinery, and that the right of you is towards the bottom of the space-craft, sealed off with a titanic emergency blast door. The opposite direction appears to end with a solid wall at the top of the pillar, towards the front of the vessel.

Unknown to you, some of the other life-forms are awakening as well.. you're muscles are exhausted from the lack of use over the countless years, but you still have enough strength to muster an act of force.

Ahead of you is the title of the ship, "The Indomitable" painted in bold white letters along the hull of the chamber. Welcome to the future, alien!


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Re: BearKnight's Star-Chaser RPG
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Time passes and you dont notice much change in the room, but after a while sirens start blaring (you can tell by the new red lighting) and the whole ship seems to start shuddering as it fills with light.

As confused as you all are you realise in the next few seconds that the lower blast door is opening, which can only mean they are going to jettison you. It cant be known what caused this reckless action, but you try to tell yourself that the amount of lives being risked werent completely ignored in the captain's actions.

However, you'll never know as now you, and other beings are drifting through the depths of space, motionless; useless.
Your journey has begun.