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Ancient Regions Research Home Thread
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:47:01 PM »
Today starts our region research.. I think for all these regions we need to keep the focus on how we can take information and input it into RTR. Here are the areas where we need to focus on:

- Climate
Climate is based on a two building system that EmoDude created. The climate feature has the following effects: 1. It can be a negative or positive factor in population growth; 2. It has an effect on generals in the region.
- Faction Ownership
Obviously, it's just to tell which faction is in control of this region at gamestart.
- Culture
This is more interesting as it effects public order.
- Major City (Only 1) and it's features.
The main city shown in game
- Port (If applicable)
The name of the port shown in game, we need to find a way to represent the port name!
- Minor Cities
Possible forts or model/resource feature that we will show on campaign map.
- Resources
All the trade resources that are shown in game.
- Farming Value (We use a scale of 1-3 based of ExRM)
The lower the farming value, the lower the farming income and population growth
- Hidden Resources
Rome - (defines location of Roma)(NOTE: must have to prevent CTD around 66BC)
Italy - (defines area for building of imperial palace for Marian Reforms event to occur)
Zone01 etc - defines AoR area e.g. Italy, Iberia
Region01 etc - defines AoR region e.g. Latium, Lusitania
- Special Features (Landmarks, historical sites, temples etc.)
- Ancillaries (Priests, philosophers, concubines etc that cannot be represented by characters, but instead could be picked up in conquest
- Unique units (Both mercenary and AoR)
Anything else?

Regions List
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Re: Ancient Regions Research Home Thread
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2016, 02:07:51 AM »
I suppose culture is the so called 'loyalty' entry in descr_regions? Example the Gauls in Anatolia in vanilla. It is referred to as 'loyalty' as this indicates which faction the region will revert to in case of a revolt. (That was one heck of surprise with the Gauls all of a sudden owning that region).

Representing port names - it's possible in M2TW, but it requires a spare faction and requires to freeze that faction's AI  - something I am not sure can be done in RTW.