Author Topic: How to draft Heroes of the Storm!  (Read 5485 times)


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How to draft Heroes of the Storm!
« on: November 18, 2016, 11:08:55 AM »
Maybe this is 99% for my benefit but hey ;)

Generic meta choices at the time of writing:

Tank - ETC, Muradin, Johanna, Tyrael.
Mage - Guldan, Ming, Jaina.
Melee - Butcher, Alarak (though if you're reading this, don't pick Alarak), Thrall.
Ranged damage - Lunara, Valla, Hammer, Tychus
Healers - Malfurion, Morales, Auriel, Brightwing
Gank heroes - Diablo, Kerrigan, Zeratul, Dehaka
Second Warrior - Arthas, Chen, Tyrael, Dehaka.
Solo lane hero - Thrall, Falstad, Chen, Dehaka, Arthas, Tassadar, Zagara, Sylvanas, Xul. Anyone with decent self and can get out of potential gank situations easily eg. Dehaka E and stalk.

How to counter enemy picks!

If they take an AoE healer like Auriel, Rehgar take single target burst damage like Kerrigan.
If they take a burst healer like Uther, or Tassadar poke and spread damage before a fight to make them choose between saving one player or another.

Against double warrior comp, or with two or more super high health heroes like Stitches, Azmodan, Guldan take Tychus, Raynor, Leoric who do damage based on % hp meaning that attacking a 500 hp enemy for 10% does 50 damage vs a 100 hp enemy which would do 10 as an example.

Verses a dive comp, pick heroes which can negate a ton of damage or have means to make it work in their favour very quickly such as Tyrael with Sanctification, Uther, Zarya, Illidan to counter attack because after their cooldowns are gone they'll only have auto attacks which he can evade for days.

Against high poke or sustain damage, you want high sustain healing such as Brightwing, Morales, Lili as well as heroes who can sustain themselves such as thrall, alarak, xul.

Vs a heavy mage or ability damage comp you'll want to pick up heroes with great spellshield or great anti-mage abilities such as lategame artanis, brightwing and lunara or for earlygame anti-mage Anubarak, Arthas, Stitches.

Map Specific Picks!

Garden of Terror

Wizards and cleave are great vs the small camps and given the distance between lanes solo laners who can set up ganks are great.

Bad picks are heroes that have trouble rotating like Lunara and hammer and exceptional picks are heroes that can take advantage of the downtime between objective phases such as vikings or sylvanas.

Braxis Holdout

Anyone that can zone small-medium areas shine, tyrael in particular but Kael'Thas, jaina, ming, guldan, chromie, gaz all do a great job as well. Also, heroes who can clear waves expediently are a must if you want any chance of a comeback. All mages, Sylvie, Xul.

Bad picks are heroes which have no zoning potential, poke or wave clear such as illidan, butcher, muradin, falstad (though it could be argued that the global on falstad makes up for it, I would take dehaka over him every time.)

Warhead Junction

Haven't worked out good strategy for this one yet. Globabls work great here, lots of places for ambush make gank heroes like kerrigan and zeratul phenomenal as well.

Dragon Shire

Standard map, pretty much everyone works. Generic meta choices imo.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

This is a really 3 lane map. Heroes who can rotate well and gank as a 4 man squad work very well with a hero like Xul, Johanna, Jaina, Kael'Thas who can rotate between the lower two lanes for xp. Gank heroes like Diablo, Kerrigan, Zeratul, Rehgar, Chen all work well with this.

Sky Temple

Strong solo laner at bot is great choice if your team doesn't have one. If not then zoning for the objectives is great as well as

Towers of Doom

Infernal Shrines

Battlefield of Eternity

Blackheart's Bay

Which takes priority, enemy comp or map specific? Depends on things like current meta, how strong individual heroes are at the time, how strong heroes are on certain maps, what bans are....Way too many things for me to write a post about. Get practice with a range of heroes and usually you can go for at least a partial counter to whatever the enemy is doing or be confident that you have a hero which suits every map.
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