Author Topic: Overhauling The Recruitment System  (Read 1209 times)


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Overhauling The Recruitment System
« on: December 15, 2016, 09:44:40 PM »
Okay so after testing 3.0 the recruitment is all messed up, with many factions recruiting peasants. So for 3.5 along with all the bug fixes etc, we will focus on fixing our recruitment system before we go on to 4.0. The goal is to have this released on Christmas day. Today I tackled the two most difficult factions: Seleucids, Egypt.
Our barracks system is based on factions and cultures, so most factions will have their own barracks line. The line is split into two parts: 'cs' for client state, where you can get local troops and 'an' for annexation where you can build factional troops.
In the past I wanted to limit the troop selection with the 'an' to basically the historical homeland regions. However, this makes the game restricted, and if you were to expand past your historical territory it was impossible to ever recruit your factional troops. We must change this to where it IS possible, but not the same as your homeland. So if playing as Macedon, you take a holding in Iberia, you could go with the 'an' line. However you will only be able to receive your most basic troops such as Psiloi, Levy Phalangites and Archers, and the higher tiers of that building line will not be available to build.
Anyways the game start also needs an overhaul, so we will need to place a better building in each region so that 'Peasants' aren't the only recruitable unit. This will also help with revolts.

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