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Skinpack list and requests thread
« on: February 04, 2017, 06:49:36 PM »

This thread will contain a list of current fan-made simple skin mods and packs for SoaW, and will also be a place for people to request skins made.


Fandoms - Doctor Who
12th Doctor - By Jubal
Turns the playable mage into Peter Capaldi's 12th doctor
Sontaran Skinpack - By Jubal
Turns all the regular goblin types (Club, Axe, Soldier, Bomber, Shaman) into Sontarans

General & Misc
The Pirate - by Jubal
Skin to turn the knight into a pirate!

The Owlbear - by Jubal
Skin to turn the knight into an Owlbear (originally from Dungeons & Dragons).

The Knight in Panther Skin(pack) - by Jubal
Skins to turn the knights into Tariel and Avtandil and the chanter into Tinatin, from Shota Rustaveli's Georgian epic poem The Knight In Panther Skin

Christmas 2016 Skin - by Jubal
Turns the Archer into Father Christmas/Santa

  • Remember that skins in SoaW generally mean just that - a recolouration of a current character or something else in the game. Beyond the colour scheme they have no effect, and the overall shape of the thing being recoloured usually cannot be changed.
  • Skin mods like this always have to replace something in the original game.
  • Please post politely, and don't get frustrated if your idea is not possible or there's nobody able to do it; people who make these add-on skins are hobbyists!
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