Author Topic: Test report 18-19 Feb 2017  (Read 4122 times)


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Test report 18-19 Feb 2017
« on: February 19, 2017, 02:08:02 AM »
Had a really nice test of this today w/fellow Byzantinists. Played with 8 players for the first time. Very close game, which is good.  :)

Obvious issues:
  • Slow start, not helped by alcohol and cake intake during play
  • 8 players is tough for any boardgame - it was nice for some parts of the game, but still meant too many people sitting around too often
  • Still slightly too frequent that players had to discard for being unable to act
  • Need a lot more clarity on the restrictions for penalties in law courts etc - some players often given penalties that simply pegged them back too far to recover, and prosecutors tended to break the legal system by starting with "share all the defendant's wealth" which defendants found hard to deal with or respond to.
  • Battles were too usually walkovers.

  • Close ending, with the player who appeared to be in fourth sneaking through at endgame thanks to numerous legal and stabby wranglings among top three
  • People seemed to enjoy it!
  • Players were making alliances and getting into the spirit of it; good epic speeches made etc
  • Both trial and battle mechanics seemed to work fine without too much understanding issue
  • By T3 most players seemed to have picked up the basic rules, which feels about right for this sort of game
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