Author Topic: Historians wanted - writing "forgotten realms" article series (NONPROFIT/UNPAID)  (Read 4029 times)


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OK, so we're soon opening an articles section on Exilian. This will be a way of creative types and academic folk sharing blogpost-style and other articles on their work, in order to try and trigger creativity, give interesting things for others to read, and open various creative arts and academic pursuits up to more people. As part of preparing for this, I've written a short popular history article on the Empire of Trebizond, a little known late medieval state on the Black Sea coast. Now, I had the idea that it might be fantastic if we could make that part of a "forgotten realms" series, giving people explicit insights into bits of history that are rarely discussed or covered properly.

So, essentially my pitch is this: if you're an academic/historian with in depth knowledge of a little known historical people or area, and you can write a short (up to 1000 word tops) potted history for a semi-popular (interested but with low knowledge) audience, please give me a shout because I'd love your work to be part of this series.

Disclaimer at this point: I am doing this as a hobby project, this is a hobby project, I (and Exilian) cannot pay anyone for any work as part of this.

I'd especially like it if we can get non-European voices and non-European civilisation in the mix here, as I know any other additions I make to the project will tend to be either European or Near Eastern, given my own specialism is the medieval Caucasus and Black Sea regions. Any time period is fine - so long as you think it can reasonably classify as a "forgotten realm" with a loose definition of the term, the more the merrier. If you have any ideas, please drop me a PM on here or email :)
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