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Updates from the Forge 17: September 2017
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:34:37 PM »
Issue 17: September 2017


Welcome to Updates from the Forge 17! We still haven't fired the imaginary llama from our writing team, but Jubal is covering for it and the updates are keeping coming nonetheless. We've had a great month on Exilian, with new functionality added (including soundcloud embedding and float tags), a whole new area of the site started with Exilian Articles, of which there are now five for you to read, and big project news including the catacombs level of Son of a Witch and the Village Monsters Kickstarter (which is ongoing and has raised over $7000 already, so get on and back it if you haven't yet and want to be able to play an adorable life sim with monsters and bug collecting side by side!)

We've got a lot to look forward to coming up as well - we're expecting at least one big Kickstarter (Frozen Skies, the RPG book from Utherwald Press) starting very soon, and potential upcoming releases from LIFE and Narnia: Total War among other projects. Stay tuned for those, and for more Exilian articles - we're posting one a week so the content will definitely keep coming through October and beyond. If you like discovering history by means of two cows and a time machine, or you want to know about the writing systems of Westeros, Exilian Articles has you covered, and we've got some exciting stuff in the pipeline there too.

And updates! We have a great set of updates, too, from a fantastic mix of tabletop, pen and paper RPG, PC and android projects (and some great new project resources), which is probably why you're here. And here they are...


  • Yobob's Music
  • Another Beer for Innkeep
  • Could you become the Master of Olympus?
  • Tales from Windy Meadow
  • Utherwald Updates
  • Beti's Adventures

Yobob's Music

Talented music-maker Yobob has recently reached Exilian, with new plans to produce more community-driven open source music for low prices for indie game developers. You can head over to his thread and ask for themes and music ideas that he'll then produce for community-driven prices! You can check out some of his music in sample form on soundcloud:

On Exilian, we're committed to helping put creative folk in touch with each other so they can build the best projects they can - and we're really happy to be helping out this new venture. This could be another great option for effectively priced game music for our indie dev community and beyond!

Another Beer for Innkeep

This could be YOU! (This is an advert not a warning, honest!)

Dev diary 13 is out for Innkeep, BeerDrinkingBurke's game of tavern mastery where a classic fantasy-world tavern patron must please customers, house guests, and keep an ear out for interesting news! The latest dev updates include new systems for moving between rooms, smoother movement around the tavern, and the return of a working fireplace. BeerDrinkingBurke has also kindly written the first of our new Exilian Articles, Making Games: The First Steps, which you can find here. In the article, he shares his thoughts on taking those first, tentative steps toward the hard work of creating a game. We'll drink to that!

Could you become the Master of Olympus?

New Exilian member rbuxton is here with his forthcoming tabletop strategy game Master of Olympus. The game sets the players up as Olympian gods - playing, as the saying goes, games with the lives of men. You can train heroes, summon monsters, wield god-given powers, recover artefacts and conquer cities in the race to become the ultimate Master of Olympus, competing around the table in a tense, focussed, strategic game setting. As well as writing our latest Exilian Article, rbuxton is now the owner of a whole new subforum where you can go to discuss Master of Olympus and comment on the gameplay, rules, and other things going on around the game!

Tales from Windy Meadow

New member Aure has come to share his story-adventure, Tales from Windy Meadow. Combining the interactive fiction genre and game mechanics with a classic pixel-art visual style, the game will take you through 'slices of life' and follow the struggles of young folk growing up in a small fantasy-world village. As they choose whether to stay at home or leave for the city, whether to risk lovelessness or loneliness, and whether to follow dreams or settle for the realities around them, the characters in Tales from Windy Meadow look set to have really compelling life stories for the player to walk them through. Definitely one to keep an eye on and check out - and you can get their previous game, The Tavern, if you want a taste of what the folks from Moral Anxiety Studios can do!

Utherwald Updates

Utherwald Press has an upcoming Kickstarter for the Frozen Skies dieselpunk RPG, coming in the next few days (on October 2nd) - we'll keep you updated about that, but there's plenty more work going on in the meantime as well. The Frozen Skies setting now has a new Facebook group, and the regular flow of blogpost updates has continued, including some intriguing hints at a new setting that may be explored in the future...

A space-wreck (Image from EVE Online). Probably not an ideal holiday destination.

Meet Forsaken Space, a setting with interstellar wormhole travel and a planetary system half cut off from the galaxy except via the wormhole portal - which is controlled by shadowy corporate interests. The once-human gaunts haunt floating space-wrecks through the system, as players head out into a hazardous, radiation-filled space region in search of salvage or plunder. It sounds a great idea, and we hope to see more on it in future! You can find out more about Forsaken Space, news of the upcoming Frozen Skies kickstarter, and much more at the Utherwald Press forum!

Beti's Adventures

New member raqbiel comes with a fun cartoonish platforming adventure for android, which you can download beta versions of for free. When Beti's village gets visited by a giant eagle, it threatens to destroy everything unless it is fed. Facing the destruction of the villagers' world, Beti is sent out to solve the crisis - and you must help! This classic platformer will. By taking part in the beta stages you can help fix bugs, smooth the look, give feedback, and make the game the best it can be. Just log on to the android store to find it - you can give feedback in the Exilian thread linked below!

And that's the lot! Thanks again for reading yet another monthly issue of Updates from the Forge. If you'd like to help write future issues, or if you want to give any feedback on how you find these newsletter articles, please get in touch - it's a real labour of love getting these together every month, and more is always merrier! As ever, take care - and next month we'll no doubt have even more amazing updates from fantastic projects to share with you!

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