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Fact-finding: post copyrights
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:33:41 PM »
After seeing some concerns from artists etc on social media, I think we really need to clarify our policy on copyright etc of posts. I want to ensure and have in writing that users keep control and copyright of their work and are assured of that in the Terms of Service, and make sure that where Exilian does have rights to showcase that work (which we kinda have to for things like Updates from the Forge), those are clearly defined and limited in a way users will be happy with.

My current proposal/plan would be something like the following:
  • Users of Exilian retain both copyright control over and legal responsibility for their posts, and do not alienate any of that control by posting them on Exilian. Exilian does not have or claim any right to monetise users' work or postings in any circumstances, and nor does Exilian have or claim any right to benefit from users' work or postings, excepting in that they may be used as stated below to help promote that work, that member's work, or relevant parts of Exilian's support infrastructure.
  • By using Exilian, unless otherwise stated, users posting creative work agree that any content they post directly to the site may be used by us to help promote their work or facilities for such (in other words, there are two cases where we can use said work: one, directly promoting that thread or that user's work, and two, promoting eg the whole newsletter it's contained in, or the area of the forum that the work is posted in).
  • Rights granted to Exilian to either or both possible uses of creative works can be revoked or have additional conditions placed upon them at any time by the copyright holder, by suitable communications placed within posts and/or received by Exilian staff from the member concerned. This may include users requesting the retroactive removal of content from Exilian's social media feeds or similar.
  • Exilian staff members who fail to uphold these rules in good faith may be treated, as per the constitution of Exilian, as having breached the standard of conduct expected of staff members, and breaches of the above should be dealt with in the first instance by the normal means for objecting to staff misconduct.

What do people think of this as a general overview/possibility, and how should it be changed or tightened up?

The current ToS may be consulted here.
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