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Lords & Vassals
« on: April 06, 2019, 04:25:14 PM »
This is a list of some of the rulers & vassals in the world which I wrote a while back. It's likely to be subject to a lot of change but dumping it here anyway.

A few notes:
> Alasia is the biggest & most central country on the continent I'm starting working on - think maybe not quite Charlemagne's empire, but certainly height-of-power Ottonians or whatever, it's a big and rather loosely constructed central polity but where Lothar still hast to derive much of his power from his personal (demesne) lands.
> Icenica is a northerly peninsula-bound nation whose royal house are gnomes
> Serraty is between Icenica and Alasia, and is a contested region
> Sterne is the southwesternmost country, and along with Alasia has significant interests to its south
> Genasta and Caprane are part of the Oak Islands, the major archipelago that lies between this continent and the one to its south
> Much of the east of the continent is more mountainous and fractured, or plays host to more nomad bands. It's the east where I'm focusing most strongly in other notes and where I expect player campaigns to start a lot of the time - there's more diversity and better plot hooks out there!
> Soros (yes, the same Soros from my previous adventure game) is one of the largest countries of the east and is still tiny compared to the huge rambling western countries.
> Travel/Taravel is basically just one town and a small island, and is a not-quite-vassal of Soros (it's a "we agree to vassalage and in return you agree not to actually ask as for anything" deal). It's so small it would be excluded here, but it's likely to be the major campaign start point for players, I have three campaign ideas so far all of which start here.
> Yes there will be a map - when I get round to scanning, colouring, and adding layers to the base map I've drawn.

The KING of ALASIA, Lothar I the Proud
Country Info:
Adjective: Alasian, Noun: Alasian
Vassals & Court:
-   His older son, Prince Liudolf, Captain of the Royal Armies
-   His younger son, Prince Arnulf, commander of the Alasian force in Caprane
-   His brother, Duke Herbricht of Andernach
-   His wife’s father, Duke Alessor the Bearded of Sarlace
-   The Duke of Monsany, Burchard the Dwarf
-   Americh Halfelven, Earl of Etoile
-       Tancred Flammifer, Earl of Serraty (claimant)

The KING of ICENICA, Egbert I the Defender (Gnome)
Country Info:
Adjective: Icenic, Noun: Icene
Vassals & Court:
-   Rede, Earl of the Spines
-   Kardjik, the Gnomewarden (wife’s uncle)
-   Mander Greatspear, Earl of the Lacken Isles
-   Hemond Achifer, Earl of Serraty (claimant)

The PRINCE of NISTRIA, Cadwaer II the Young
Country Info:
Adjective: Nistrian, Noun: Nistrian
-   Tammen, younger brother, Lord of Intria

The KING of STERNE, Baldwin II
Country Info:
Adjective: Sternish, Noun: Sternishman
Vassals & Court:
-   Hermann Silverbeard, Dwarf, Count of the Castellines
-   Baldwin of  Etoile, Lord of Starshore
-   Lothar, Duke of Herasse
-   Ambert Halfgnome, Count of Nirilac

The CONSULS of GENASTA, Mannoso Rana and Larsingo Carjaro
Country Info:
Adjective: Genastan, Noun: Genastan
-   Mannoso, Consul of the City and the Law
-   Annabella, Duchess of the City
-   Larsingo, Consul of the Armies

The DOGE of CAPRANE, Erhem I the Leper
Country Info:
Adjective: Capranese, Noun: Capran
~No Vassals~

The DUKE of SOROS, Varison IV
Country Info:
Adjective: Soroscene, Noun: Soroscene
-   Wilbar, Lord of Sandford
-   Tammen “the Archer”, his heir, Captain of the Islands
-   Estergon, Lord of Rayne

The LORD of TARAVEL (or Travel), Kantaron
Country Info:
Adjective: Travene, Noun: Travenner
~No Vassals~

Adj: Kesratan, Noun, Kesratan

Adj: Tabnirene, Noun, Tabnirian
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