Merlin Skinpack (for the Fire Mage)

Started by Jubal, July 20, 2020, 04:39:44 PM

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The Merlin Skinpack

The standard wizards in Son of a Witch are all pretty young strapping types - but what if you want to run with a venerable sage or crotchety old man who's out for one last adventure? An ancient mage displaying the mighty magical powers he's achieved after a lifetime of mysterious study in a secluded tower and occasionally providing advice on removing swords from rocks? I bring you the Merlin Skinpack, which adds a hood, white hair/beard, and a blue aesthetic to the Fire Mage, so you can be just the elderly mage your heart desires!

Scroll to the bottom for install instructions.


A wise old sage is something of an asset on your side at court...

Sometimes, a mighty duel of wizards is inevitable: a great sage and master of magic will allow no lesser threats to their power.

Install Instructions

1. Navigate to: Steam/steamapps/common/Son of A Witch/
2. MAKE A COPY of the "firemage.png" file (call it something like firemage_main)
3. Paste the firemage-merlin.png contained in the zip file (attached to this post, below) into the folder, and rename it to "firemage.png".
4. If you want to switch back to the normal blue knight, just switch the filenames back round.

As with all modpacks this is an unofficial project, released for free and downloaded/used entirely at the user's own risk.

The duke, the wanderer, the philosopher, the mariner, the warrior, the strategist, the storyteller, the wizard, the wayfarer...