The Buddhist Monk Skinpack

Started by Jubal, July 27, 2020, 04:29:15 PM

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The Buddhist Monk Skinpack

I've been reading The Outlaws of the Marsh, the classic Chinese outlaw novel recently, and decided it would be fun to be able to represent some of the wizard-monk and warrior-monk characters from that in SoaW. Whilst of course Buddhism is largely a religion that has a strong focus on peace, the warrior-monk has a long history both in reality and in folklore and literature as a character type. For example Outlaws of the Marsh brings us Sagacious Lu, who becomes a Buddhist monk to shake off the police after killing an abusive loan shark in a fight, gets thrown out of one monastery for being drunk and disorderly, gets chased out of a second by corrupt officials, and then turns bandit. Definitely the sort of decidedly chaotic energy that beat 'em up protagonists ought to have!
Scroll to the bottom for install instructions.


Vanquishing evil spirits is a good pastime for a good monk.

In the turbulent years and bitter corruption of the later Song dynasty, even good men must sometimes turn to banditry.

A close-combat staff is the perfect weapon for a monk, allowing much righteous striking of enemy monsters.

Install Instructions

1. Navigate to: Steam/steamapps/common/Son of A Witch/
2. MAKE A COPY of the "shaman.png" file (call it something like shaman_normal)
3. Paste the shaman-monk.png contained in the zip file (attached to this post, below) into the folder, and rename it to "shaman.png".
4. If you want to switch back to the normal character, just switch the filenames back round.

As with all modpacks this is an unofficial project, released for free and downloaded/used entirely at the user's own risk.
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Cool. I actually already have graphics ready for a monk, but never got to use it. I do plan to include it in the next update which should be coming this year.