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Songs and Poems from Kavis
« on: September 13, 2020, 01:03:36 PM »
These I guess should arguably be elsewhere on the forum, but ah well, this keeps all the Kavis stuff in one place.

The Girl of Dagomir's Bridge

I once spied a girl down near Dagomir's bridge,
A fine and fair maid who my heart did bewitch,
She by the old willows and I looking down from the ridge.

She'd hair like the autumn leaves, golden and fine,
But her father the farmer was no friend of mine,
With her voice like soft honey and lips that were red as the wine.

I spoke what I wished for and spoke it so free,
But her father the farmer was no friend of me,
And he cursed me and told me that married we never would be.

So down to his farmstead I stole through the night
There were clouds o'er the stars and no moon to give light
But the flames like the autumn leaves rose, red and gold burning bright.

So now I'm a wand'rer from town unto town,
I'll never return back to Dagomir's ground,
Where once stood a farmstead and now only ruins are found.

Perhaps now she's married, perhaps now she's dead,
While I wander for work and I steal for my bread,
And when I must sleep it's the autumn leaves make up my bed,
And of my sad tale all that's there to be said I have said,
So of her and of Dagomir's Bridge I'll dream, resting my head.
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