Author Topic: Uzbek flatbreads  (Read 3192 times)


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Uzbek flatbreads
« on: November 30, 2020, 09:17:03 PM »
Thought I'd bring your attention to this article about Uzbekistani flatbread and the culture around it which I found really cool:

Respect for non is respect for country — Uzbek proverb

The sort of reverence culture around bread it describes and the centrality of it to customs like marriage and war really interests me.

I also have a personal history here, since one of my very on-brand high school stories was being told in Home Economics to go and find a bread recipe we'd like to make and then adapt for a project, and our teacher's *total* exasperation when I came back with an Uzbek recipe I'd found on the internet that I wanted to make because it looked cool. What I produced was emphatically not Uzbek-style bread (though my adapted mini flatbreads with salt and goat cheese roundels baked into the middle were genuinely quite good) but the episode did introduce me to how cool Uzbek bread looks :)
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