Author Topic: Coronavirus and the big competition for humanity (philosophy)  (Read 3915 times)


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Coronavirus as a special test for all humanity.

(my philosophical article about the Covid-19 and its global problem for world)
Translated to English from russian original

The coronavirus pandemic has become a kind of test for all mankind, and this applies not only to government spheres, but also to ordinary everyday ones. All human evil immediately surfaced. People who previously seemed worthy and bright, suddenly showed their true colors. Those whom society could consider impartial and disgusting, on the contrary, discovered themselves from a new, previously unknown side. The coronavirus has tested millions of marriages around the world. This began in the spring of 2020, when, due to general self-isolation, many families were locked up within their own homes. "Covid" touched upon the issues of true friendship and loyalty. As the proverb says, a friend is known in trouble. True friends proved themselves worthy and did not leave their comrades in trouble. The imaginary friends revealed their true essence and showed a devil-may-care attitude. However, the ties of kinship also underwent a certain test. It immediately became clear who can be relied on and who cannot be trusted at all. The coronavirus has subjected absolutely every person in our world to difficult tests.

Money began to play a huge role during the pandemic. This applies mainly to countries that did not provide the necessary assistance to the population. As you know, everything depends on money: neither more nor less human life. In the countries of the backward and unusable, there has been an untold increase in poverty. Many found themselves on the brink of poverty and financial distress. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, it looked like a crime on the part of local authorities. In countries worthy and prosperous, the situation has not changed too much. Of course, their economic growth slowed down, but at the same time, human lives were not endangered. Human life is above all, and this must be known in any state. Those who preferred to focus on their own wealth, forgetting about their neighbors, are clearly far from the concept of "humanity." Therefore, the rulers who refused to help their fellow citizens due to the pandemic can hardly be called people.

The coronavirus pandemic has not subsided until now and continues to spread across the planet. And this means that testing of humanity for dignity continues as well. In the coming years, the virus is unlikely to stop, and every inhabitant of the planet already knows this. Together with the virus, the global examination of people will not subside. The worthy will sooner or later receive a well-deserved reward, and the unworthy will receive nothing. Therefore, every person in our world now needs to think about their future destiny.
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