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Guild Hall Adventures - Now on KICKSTARTER
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:33:48 AM »


It takes a town to raise a hero - but, sometimes, does it take a hero to raise a town?

Guild Hall Adventures is a hack and slash game that sees you build up not just your character, but a whole settlement, as you battle through waves of monsters and defend your people from encroaching foes. As you progress, you can discover more of the world's history with a deep plotline that unfolds before you. Using crafting and resource gathering to build up materially through the game, you will also have ample routes to strengthen your character with a range of classes, races, and other options to choose from.

Once your town is ready, you can recruit additional troops to have your back and man the defences. Meanwhile, you can head down into dungeons, defeating mighty bosses and solving puzzles and quests in order to finally achieve victory over your many foes.

Sound like fun? Well, now YOU can help make it happen! Guild Hall Adventures is on KICKSTARTER until October 3rd, and there are some great unlocks to be had on the backer charts. From, of course, copies of the game itself, through to adding a few of your own bits to the game world, there's a lot out there, and many worlds and dungeons to explore if the campaign is successful. Find out more and back the kickstarter at the links below!

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