Author Topic: Fully finished work with "Revenge of Tyrants". One year of hard process!  (Read 807 times)


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Fully finished work with "Revenge of Tyrants". One year of hard process!

Let me give you a short interview about story, which I recently completed. It is called - Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness.

The plot revolves around the events in Hyperborea 20,000 BC. Let me give you a short annotation as an example.
"20000 BC. Zabergan-Prime planet. Hyperborean governor Zsolt Krajinsky is under attack. Nicomedian soldiers in this planet made a rebellion and took governor as hostage. Hyperborean command is going to release this man. But situation is changing every minute. It soon becomes clear that the capture of the governor is just the beginning of something big and sinister. And in danger now is whole galaxy."

In total, the work took me one year. Moreover, the most difficult thing was not even to write. Writing is usually, always easier. The most difficult thing is editing, correcting errors. Imagine my 'surprise' when I discovered that the very initial version had a large number of different nuances. And it was with them that I waged a fierce struggle. Plot holes, unnecessary inserts, stamps, remarks, stylistic mistakes. To bring the text to the ideal, it was literally necessary to plow in like a plowman.
But the work is over. And in this case, the work is completely finished. I am gradually publishing the translation. I do this so as not to dump all 200 pages of work at once. It is best when you read - gradually.

I am going to officially publish this work. And of course, it will affect several games. However, separate missions on the Warcraft engine were already created at the beginning of this year. But then my work had not yet been carefully edited. And that is why I did not upload it completely in the internet platforms.

What about the work process itself? My idea was completely different. But as is usually the case, you start with one thing and end with a completely different one. I usually wrote in the evenings, since there was a lot of work during the day and in the morning. Even now i remember, that i took a cup of hot cocoa and worked hard many hours.

It so happened that I could not think of something and stopped writing for a day. There were also cases when I delayed the work for a week or even a month. But then i began to write again. Ultimately, I did this work. Made in the very version in which it is now.

I consider my work to be completely finished.
And, of course, the occasion has come for new works. I will work with them no earlier than next year.

Thanks for attention and for my little interview reading!

Best regards Alex